Nokia Lumia Icon

I recently updated my phone from the Nokia 710 to the new Icon from Verizon. I wanted a better camera and the Icon provides the ability to shoot raw files as .dng, as well the ability to crop or basically do a lossless zoom at any time while shooting or in post. One also can define the shooting aspect ratio as shown…


With the 5 mpxl and 16 mpxl .jpg selected you can resize on the fly non destructively, thereby allowing you to resize again at any time or revise aspect ration…




I am using the 16×9 16 mpxl dng + 5 mpxl .jpg mode so I can process in Adobe Lightroom. The phone always uploads the 5 mpxl version of the file and if using the dng mode it will only use the 5 mpxl version for resizing so in that mode you lose the benefit of the second full resolution image. I would be uploading any full resolution final images later from Lightroom so the benefit of dng allows better control of white balance and any other parameters. The .jpg processing is excellent and good enough to never really need to shoot in dng. What it does do though is decrese any noise with a fair amount of noise reduction and so I have created a preset in Lightroom to lessen just a bit that noise reduction but gaining the ability to adjust white balance as desired and resize and then output at a high resolution or upsample if needed for large prints from my Epson 3800.

All in all the Nokia Lumia Icon is a great phone/camera. It’s screen resolution and pixel density if the highest and best looking to date of any phone. As my eyesight is deteriorating, that was a compelling reason to have it. As smartphone cameras eclipse compact cameras in image quality and portability it’s great to have along in a pocket while riding my dirt bike. When in areas with no wifi it is also nice with it’s fast LTE service to be able to pass files from laptop to phone after processing and upload by cellular to the web. While Windows Phones are not as popular as iPhones and Android devices today they have a wonderful OS, interface and all the apps I care to use currently.