Mistral for 2013

Happy to announce being a Team Rider for Mistral in 2013 and will represent their product line as well for Maui North. I have been putting the 8.6 surf and 14 foot inflatable through their paces the last couple of weeks.

The 8.6 is just under 30 inches wide with powerbox thrusters and all glass fins. It’s a crisp handling board that slots into  waves nicely, while also having good stability for less than perfect conditions. A great go to SUP for the surf.

The iSUP 14ft M1 is a new experience for me. The versatility of an inflatable board is compelling, allowing easy packing when you are bringing all the toys!. When you need performance for racing too, the Mistral M1 iSUP Line delivers, as my early GPS testing shows. I’de say in most smooth water races, speeds are comparable between the M1 and the average 14 footer. Besides performance you get a really easy handling board or 25 lbs, and one you won’t stress hitting the door, etc…