Cycling Kits

Goodman Graphic has designed a number of kits for cycling teams in the Santa Barbara area including the Platinum MTB Team. This design for Team Foundation Roots is a classic and pro look, using contrasting stitching as a design element and complimentary colors as highlights. As well, full color printing provided the opportunity to showcase the colorful sponsor logos. When each manufacturer uses a different method of production, it’s important to understand what can be done with each and selecting manufacturers at the design stage.

Race Photos

As a sports photographer, and a competitor I try to get close in. I find racers expressions in competition tell a lot about the racer… Their focus and drive usually apparent in their eyes. Getting in poition for many sports is tough but I like to be in the line of sight. I’ve been shooting a few of the Standup races when I’m not in the division racing. Having a good vantage point from land is tough at times but fun to capture the play by play from a competitors persepctive.

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