John R. Goodman is an experienced photographer, cameraman and cmx editor, who began in the television industry as a studio cameraman and lighting director/stage manager, for a local talk show. In New York. he learned CMX editing at Downtown Community Television and began seeking employment with some new skills.

One of the countries few analog animation houses, Dolphin Productions, was hiring  and was just the right opportunity. Working his way up from tape operator and studio tech working with Ampex and Bosch 2″ decks and DEC PDP1104 mainframe he was on the leading edge of the birth of computer editing along with the creative team on Scanimate before the influx of Paintbox and ADO.

He worked editing, producing and directing animation and effects for broadcast and industrial television. Projects for ABC, NBC, PBS, while employed at Dolphin Productions, to Industrial clients, DEC and Chevrolet, while working in Boston as inside producer and as freelance producer/director. John successfully bid on large corporate projects involving sophisticated animation and editorial.

Today he works on Adobe software and pc based solutions to provide graphics for any media. John shoots with a Nikon D500 and Nikkor lenses.

Contact him at johng@goodmangraphic.com.