New for 2020, a 4WD…

Getting to the trailheads now is so easy with the 2020 Toyota 4Runner TDR Off-Road. Already broken it in well with plenty of low 4 and mountain work in CA, CO, and WY.

Since January have put about 9k miles on it and. Should last me a very long time. It’s going to take me places I could not have gone otherwise.

Taos and Durango

It was time to get away from California and get some high elevation mountain biking in. I had recently purchased a Toyota 4Runner so was the best way to access trails compared to my Sprinter. I had been to this spot in Rancho Taos in 2015 but not a place to take the Sprinter. I had ridden my Husqvarna here and found the trail that crosses the meadows at 8k+ feet. Was signed restricting motorized vehicles. This year decided to search MTB Project and found the trail. I spent 2 days in Taos after staying the night in Flagstaff.

Looked up the trail and loaded the map and headed off towards Angel Fire. The dirt road to the trail was 5+ miles and was almost up top and came upon a guy stuck 90 degrees off the road. He had apparently attempted a u-turn. In any case, lucky enough for him, I just had purchased a few recovery items and was able to get him unstuck in short order.

The next morning made tracks to Durango where I stayed for the rest of the week. On the way I stopped to take some photos of the Rio Grand from the long steel bridge across it.

A few days mountain biking and a day to do the Alpine Loop above Durango in the 4Runner. Also rode near Cortez on Phil’s World trail and then an afternoon visit to Mesa Verde.