Western Tour

In a hailstorm earlier up top. Good challenging ride =)

Early September seemed a great time to head to Colorado before the hunting season was in full swing and snow arrived. Summer has been a scorcher so was anxious to get out of town. Packed all my gear; Husky 310, 12.6 SUP and a mountain bike. For a few weeks attempted to avoid the sudden deluge of rain… Worst in history for Colorado. Just my luck as the rains began I was just arriving in Flagstaff, AZ.

The following day arrived in Durango to more rain but was able to do some riding out of town near the College. With more rain coming I decided Moab would give me more options… Slickrock would be rideable so first stop was Poison Spider….

The first afternoon in Moab headed to Poison Spider and did a loop on the mtb until storms were looming. I camped near the end of Potash Road for a couple of days and rode Porcupine Rim from the Colorado River up and back down instead of heading up Sand Flats. Next was a dirt bike ride out to Hurrah Pass as I thought as did Jim Ryan at Dualsport Moab, would be clear and easy. Unfortunately as you can see in one of the photos below was right up to my fenders. Luckily made it across and back without ingesting water.

Next up was heading to Fruita to mtb for a few days and make my way back down to Durango after touring around a bit. After a night at Super 8 Motel rode the awesome singletrack on Kokopelli. The next day headed out of Rabbit Road on the Husky for a nice 30+ mile tour of the mesa towards Moab. The following day toured the Colorado National Monument as rain was in store.

Leaving Fruita and Grand Junction, I planned to paddle at Ridgway Resevoir and stay a couple of days in Ouray so I could ride a couple of the pass roads. Though it was raining and hailing I made it up and over Imogene Pass into Telluride and back as shown in the top photo.

Was time to head home so back tracked to Flagstaff and rode the Husky for a night before arriving back in Santa Barbara the following day.

To Hurrah Pass and out of Rabbit Road …

Paddling on Ridgway Resevoir…