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2015 – On a Roll

First off, this site is not being updated as much as I’d like. But while retired from most business, managing investments has occupied most of my time, and managing my health and fitness a number one priority. I am feeling better in overall fitness than I ever have and I attribute that to a balance…. A balance of activities and doing just what I want to do and not feeling compelled for whatever the reason, to do others.

Photo – C. Silvester

Starting the year with A SUP Race at home in Santa Barbara and clearly I’m not in race mode but perfectly able to compete. I tend to race to win and not to be pack fodder so the joy of competing becomes less and less when results begin to slip. Part of the reason is I have been favoring a bad left knee since 2011. Standup Paddling while a good workout is strong leverage against the knees as is balancing a narrow board. The choppier the conditions the more taxing. Race starts can be choppy as hell and for me a narrower board has made me suffer the starts. The point for me on a 14 is to get away fast out of the chop that ensues. Either my board is too narrow for me or I’m not as driven as I used to be or so many good paddlers coming up and the last thing is I’m just getting old. Nah…. Just not as psyched as I was.

Photo by Grumpy

10818514_10204117957336396_7803478101089468626_o 2015 did mark a great moment for me already and I do tend to go from sport to sport every few years, racing, training and more racing till I am no longer competitive of lose interest for any number of reasons. I decided to try a motorcycle race… A Hare Scramble on the Husqvarna. Mind you I’ve never raced a dirt bike, never ridden on a MX track or jumped much but it was all in store for me, including a mass start at the track with all the tabletop jumps prior to exiting the track. My last motorcycle race was probably in 1984 or ’85 at Loudon on my Kawasaki GPz550.

I had read about this event nn Cafe Husky and it sounded like if I was going to do my first race this was about perfect for temps, terrain, etc… I entered the Sportsman Division thinking I would stage in the last row and be out of danger from faster riders trying to pass out of the gate.


That was the plan anyway…. Some bonehead hit me on the first lap and luckily for me he bounced off my left calf. I was sore but serviceable and continued with my race ending up with a win in Sportsman and my name on the AMA scoreboard.

A friend shot this footage of his first lap and he started the row just in front. You can see the carnage that ensued right out of the gate…

to be continued….

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